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Copyright © 2010-2017 by Barbara Pelizzoli. All rights reserved. By using this site you agree and accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy


Copyright © 2010-2017 by Barbara Pelizzoli. All rights reserved. By using this site you agree and accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

“Twins Pelizzoli” United

On September 24th, “some” years ago, two sisters were born just five minutes apart… what does that mean? You probably already figured it out… they are TWINS.

The first born was named “Elena” after her grandmother, the second and the more troublesome to be born was named “Barbara” after the Italian Saint and firefighters’ patron. Their last name is “Pelizzoli” after… their Daddy! Who would have guessed?!

As they grew up being often mistaken for the other, something peculiar soon became noticed about these twin sisters: they both excelled at drawing and aced their art classes. But the most peculiar thing is that Elena is right handed, and Barbara is left handed. As if seeing each other in a mirror.

Of course time passed and they grew up. Their paths parted and they went different ways.

Barbara moved to America in the year 2000 and became a permanent resident alien in Los Angeles. Elena is still in Italy. They are now on the opposite side of the planet.

Despite their different paths, they both engaged in helping children learn. Elena taught about the environment and nature in youth enlightenment program in Milano; Barbara taught children to count and read in a Preschool in Los Angeles.

Since their love for art never stopped, they both continued to create beautiful images and both nourished their desire to help children learn.

They’ve been apart for 12 years now, but their love for art and children made them come close again despite the distance.

Recently Barbara accomplished her purpose to make educational coloring books for children. One day an idea sparked in Barbara’s mind after seeing the mural Elena created for the children’s hospital “San Carlo”, in Milano. See the Original mural here.

Barbara asked Elena if she would like to produce a coloring book based on the characters in that mural and…. boom! A new team was born…a second time!

Barbara and Elena “twinned up” to create a marvelous coloring book to be added to the already popular “Barbara Italian Artist Coloring Books” series.

A new logo was created: “Twins Pelizzoli” and the book.. one, two, three.. done!

Therefore Barbara and Elena Pelizzoli are proud to present the first “Twins Pelizzoli” coloring book:

Animals Coloring - Sea Life” The first of the “Animals Coloring” series books

Elena having a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and being a Science and Nature illustrator has been perfect for the task.

She created twenty four beautiful drawings of sea animals, making sure to pass on her technical knowledge of the subject. Therefore including coral, sea anemones and sea sponges to educate children that those are NOT plants but actually ANIMALS.

Don’t you wish you had this book when you were a kid?

Thank you all for supporting our mission to help children learn!

September 14, 2012